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HD video news and stock footage services with in-depth coverage before, during and after events

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REUTERS/Charles Platiau
REUTERS/Charles Platiau

We Power the World’s Newsrooms

Access more than 200 videos created each day, in multiple languages, by our global network of video journalists, editors, camera operators and technicians.

  • Tailored packages by region and topic, with in-language voice-overs
  • Custom broadcast-ready packages and fully produced programming
  • Coverage includes: breaking news, sports, entertainment, business and finance, politics, health, technology, lifestyle and much more

We provide:

  • Raw footage
  • Ready-to-air packages
  • Live reports
  • Natural-sound video, supplemented by detailed scripts and shot lists
  • 3D animations and graphics to augment camera footage
  • Coverage diaries and advisories to aid program planning
  • Archived video of key events from the past 100 years
  • User-generated content, including hard news and light hearted stories
  • Dependable 24-hour access from all regions of the world via 6 dedicated satellite paths and permanent uplinks

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