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Save time and resources with Reuters ready-to-publish articles and video. Whether you want to live stream direct to social media or publish multimedia content to your websites, our unrivaled team of international editors have got you covered.

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In a number of countries, mobile is leaving behind the computer as the preferred device for news consumption. And, as people engage differently on mobile devices, this demands a new way of storytelling – which commands changes to the way news content is produced.

We've created a suite of ready-to-publish content to meet the evolving needs of your audience. Flexible delivery means you can choose between managed publishing options for more control––or automatic publishing for ultimate speed––so you can deliver news 24/7 with ease and confidence.


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Deliver news 24/7 with ease and confidence

Ready-to-Run Video

Capture audiences before the competition with our fully edited, ready-to-run video.

Whether you want to live stream direct to social media or publish mobile-ready captioned video, our ready-to-publish video saves you time and resources.

  • Live video to broadcast instantly during on-air programming; or publish directly to your website, app, and social media channels.
  • Voiced edits of top news, general, health, showbiz, entertainment and sports news.
  • Captioned video that’s ready-to-publish in multiple languages, produced for you by our dedicated team of editors.

Ready-to-Publish Articles

17 regions are covered in nine languages, emphasizing the relevant events, issues, markets, companies and personalities in the region. Connect with confidence that the regional content––ranging from entertainment to oddly enough; sport to science, technology to business news––will resonate with your audience.

  • Be the first to engage with stories that constantly update as news develops.
  • Tell the full story with ready-to-publish multimedia packages that include pictures, graphics, and videos.
  • Show the bigger picture with relevant sidebar content that gives colour and context.

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