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The news in pictures, as it happens

With Reuters photos, you can access over 1,600 news images each day, from a global network of 600 photographers, including award-winning photojournalists on the front lines. It’s your chance to show your audience what’s happening as soon as stories unfold.

  • Comprehensive coverage of all major sports and red-carpet events, including pictures from our world-class partners USA TODAY Sports and WENN.
  • Regional and thematic feeds
  • Daily news image packages and slideshow galleries
  • Searchable photo archive of more than 13 million images
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Breaking News Images

Live pictures as news breaks

Acquire real-time breaking news images that help build your reputation as a credible source of topical stories.

Reporting from more than 200 locations, our network of visual journalists deliver over 1600 news pictures each day. Behind each iconic picture, a team of editors work tirelessly to capture the essence, authenticity and significance of the event.

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Sports Pictures

Get an edge on the competition

A powerful audience-building service that provides a constantly updated stream of world-class international sports photography. From the pitch, the court or the circuit, we deliver over 2,000 sports pictures per day, supported by our specialist partner USA TODAY Sports.


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Entertainment Photos

Give your audience backstage access

Our international team of award-winning photographers alongside our world-class partners Variety & Hollywood TV deliver enthralling celebrity, royal, film, TV, music, theatre, fashion pictures with unprecedented coverage of major red carpet events.


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Picture Archive

Explore the most iconic moments in history

Reuters photo archive features some of the most dramatic and iconic moments ever captured. Explore our extensive collection of over 13 million images dating back to 1896.


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Here is why photography is essential to your content

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words

As written word continues to be a powerful form of expression, visual storytelling has proven to be much more compelling and drives deeper engagement.