News analysis graphics

Award-Winning Infographics

Reuters News Graphics Service provides visualizations of world events including politics, science, economics, sports and the environment in an editable format. Our experienced, international team of multimedia editors create graphics for an international audience, emphasizing political issues, markets, and companies of interest across the world.

A Visual Analysis of World Events

  • Coverage of Breaking News, Charts and Indices, Features, Event Packages including Sports
  • Graphics team based in every region
  • The files are structured to allow clients the graphics to be tailored to any style or use elements to fit with a unique angle of the story
  • Many of our interactives are evergreen and auto-updating, particularly graphics on economic indicators and earnings.
  • We provide graphics in the following languages depending on regional interest: English, Spanish, French and Arabic. 

Static Graphics

  • Print: Fully editable vector graphics can scale to any size / print quality
  • Web forward: Adjustable font sizes and aspect ratio to match most major CMS’ and be web-ready with little-to-no editing

Interactive Graphics

  • Embeddable: We host and provide an embed code that can be dropped right into your CMS or on a web page.
  • Translatable: We send translated versions of many of our graphics but also structure data files to be easily translatable.
  • Customizable: We send raw editable files to customers so they can style them how they wish.
  • Animations: Explainer videos mostly around special reports

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