News analysis graphics

Award-Winning Infographics

A Visual Analysis of World Events

Reuters award-winning graphics service illustrates topical news events and issues – presenting information in an engaging, visual format and in multiple languages. We provide analysis of top world news events and breaking news stories in the form of graphics and charts.

Our full-service team provides:

  • Print-ready business agate using comprehensive and accurate market data
  • Economic and financial charts
  • Sports, technical, scientific and environmental graphics
  • Access via a simple Web interface to download ready-to-publish graphics

Our news graphics are available in:

  • Customizable sizes, shapes and styles
  • Large format, to provide in-depth analysis on leading issues
  • Compatible for both print and web 
  • Advanced packages for large-scaled planned events like economic summits, elections and all major international sporting events

With Reuters Graphics, there is no need to install or run graphics software, saving time and resources. 

The Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland, Ohio from July 18-21 2016.

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