News analysis graphics

Show world events in new dimensions

As the ways in which people consume media fragments, you need more ways to capture and hold their attention. Reuters Graphics illustrates news events and issues in striking and informative infographics your audience will love.

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A Visual Analysis of World News

Our international team of infographics specialists provides:

  • Sports, technical, scientific and environmental graphics

  • Business infographics using comprehensive and accurate market data

  • Economic and financial charts

  • Access via a simple web interface to download graphics

Fully Customizable

News graphics packages are available in:

  • Customizable sizes, shapes and styles
  • Large format, allowing in-depth analysis of leading issues
  • Tabloid and broadsheet trims
  • Colour and black & white
  • Advanced packages for large-scale planned events like economic summits, elections, and all major sporting events


A multimedia series

Three-part series of stunning drone footage, photos, video, audio, and graphics, unveiling the science – and the scientists – tracking environmental change. Expect:

  • Photography of NASA Oceans Melting Glaciers (OMG) scientists a work
  • Video and audio recordings from OMG mission in the air
  • Video and drone footage of Greenland Ice Sheet, icebergs, and scientists at work on Helheim glacier

…and much more. Coming Sep. 19-20.

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