Satellite Delivery

Reuters World News Express delivers video news stories in integrated digital files via satellite. Our robust delivery processes help streamline your daily production workflow.
Mike Hutchings

Reuters World News Express


  • Live content with no delays
  • Instant delivery of news files the moment they are edited, ready for broadcast
  • Ability to access scripts before video delivery

Working together

  • Multiple-user access to each story file allows several editors to work on a single story simultaneously


  • Eliminate the risk of image degradation by removing the need to record video feeds onto tape, thus reducing errors and minimizing storage and manual handling requirements
  • Access material quickly and easily with files automatically stored locally on your network or editorial system

Ease and simplicity

  • Find what you need quickly, with access rights, shot lists and script information linked to each video file
  • Better search with unified metadata across all content
  • Streamlined file distribution allows for more efficient storage of video and script files

Have any questions about satellite delivery?

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