A satellite dish is pictured on the roof of the European Broadcast Union (EBU) in Geneva November 13, 2007

Satellite Delivery

An Unrivaled Satellite Distribution Network

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Reuters World News Express


  • Live content with no delays
  • Instant delivery of news files the moment they are edited, ready for broadcast
  • Ability to access scripts before video delivery

Working together

  • Multiple-user access to each story file allows several editors to work on a single story simultaneously


  • Eliminate the risk of image degradation by removing the need to record video feeds onto tape, thus reducing errors and minimizing storage and manual handling requirements
  • Access material quickly and easily with files automatically stored locally on your network or editorial system

Ease and simplicity

  • Find what you need quickly, with access rights, shot lists and script information linked to each video file
  • Better search with unified metadata across all content
  • Streamlined file distribution allows for more efficient storage of video and script files

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