Digital News Report 2017

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

This year’s report arrives amid intense soul-searching in the news industry about fake news, failing business models, and the power of platforms. Reuters Institute’s highly anticipated annual research report casts new and surprising light on some of the prevailing narratives around these issues.

With data covering over 30 countries and five continents, this research is a reminder that the digital revolution is full of contradictions and exceptions.

Findings include:

  • Only 24% of respondents think social media do a good job in separating fact from fiction, compared to 40% for the news media.
  • In most countries, we find a strong connection between distrust in the media and perceived political bias.
  • Online news subscriptions in the US have received a very substantial ‘Trump bump’ (from 9 to 16%) along with a tripling of news donations. Most of those new payments have come from the young.
  • Ad-blocking growth has stalled on desktop (21%) and remains low on smartphones (7%).

Is the crisis of confidence in journalism, in fact, focusing minds and wallets? How polarised is trust in media across countries?  What happened to video? And, are voice-activated devices really growing at apace with the hype? Read this report to discover key trends in the digital media revolution.

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