Asia-Pacific Digital News Report 2017

Published by The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, in collaboration with The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Social media is very widely used for news, especially in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan. In these markets, about half of those who used social media for news think of Facebook as a useful way of getting news


The ubiquitous spread of smartphones and rise of platforms has had a profound effect on the way consumers interact with news, globally. However, no region has been more influenced by the shift to mobile than that of Asia-Pacific. In fact, the chief reason consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan are willing to spend on online news is because paying grants access to news on mobile apps.

You may also be surprised to learn that:

  • Japanese consumers prefer text over video, whereas the opposite is true for the majority of other markets
  • There is a chronic lack of diverse news content across all of Asia-Pacific, and that consumers are willing to pay for online news to fulfil this need
  • Ironically, there is a higher level of trust in news in both Hong Kong and Singapore – two undemocratic, stringently controlled markets – than that of Taiwan and South Korea, both democratic, where trust is low

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