Reuters video – missiles at midnight

By Yann Tessier, global head of output – video news, Reuters
Having a tough day at work? This video shows our Gaza office and Israeli crews at work during the recent flare-up in violence. We were first and live with most of the twists in this global story.
Reuters Gaza newsroom

Live, live, live.

Live signals along the border showing the military build-up are one of the engines of this story, with news channels using large amounts of them.

As of the close of play in EMEA on Friday 29 Mar, a total of 939 clients had used one of our edits from the region. There is a real risk the situation on the border could escalate. 

Don’t get seasick!

Helicopter airlift British Viking Sky passenger says helicopter airlift 'something special'

The plight of the Viking Sky cruise liner with 1,400 people aboard as it drifted in heavy seas perilously near to rocks was the most-heavily-used video last week.

It was a classic UGC story: no way to get a professional camera near and a small handful of passengers posting terrifying point-of-view footage. Was the Poseidon Adventure about to be played out in real life?

We have a strong UGC team that can verify and clear material fast and professionally. But, what made the difference was the fact that they identified the footage very early on.

Our global footprint coupled with the 24/7 expertise meant we were able to leverage the capacities of our local bureaus –– for discovery and verification of material.

Our UGC output really shines when it’s boosted by the early story tips and leads to good content sent to us by colleagues worldwide.

Hazel Baker, global head of UGC newsgathering, Reuters

Cyclone Idai

We’ve had a deluge of stories from our team covering the Mozambique floods, the worst weather event in Africa.

We were able to go live from the middle of the flood waters because we shipped a satellite dish to transmit video. More than 800 clients used the material, stories produced with care and attention to detail in infinitely difficult circumstances.

Most Recent

Hollywood is stepping in, with new theories afoot for the approach to storytelling through mobile, and some serious momentum of both talent and money behind them.

Deepfakes are a newly-emerging type of video threat, catalyzed by advances in machine learning. Reuters synthesized its own deepfake video experiment, building expertise against the dangers.