Keep a pulse on public opinion through Reuters/Ipsos polling

By Irene Chang - Product Manager, Text and Multimedia

American politics is constantly changing, and with it sometimes comes dramatic shifts in public opinion.

We at Reuters not only report on the Trump administration, U.S. politics and policy, but we also use a daily opinion poll to track the public’s response to major events – allowing you to keep audiences updated on how public opinion is swaying.

Keeping a pulse on public opinion

Working with our partner Ipsos, an independent market research company, we continually poll 2,000 to 3,000 people a week through online surveys.

Reuters U.S. polling editor Chris Kahn states that “our polls extend to thousands of questions that we have asked since 2012. You can see how opinions have changed over time and delve into responses by most major demographics.”  


Our polls extend to thousands of questions that we have asked since 2012. You can see how opinions have changed over time and delve into responses by most major demographics.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll measures public opinion on recent news events and provides exclusive, up-to-date data that informs Reuters coverage.

Polls are key to our political coverage: they measure what likely voters think about major issues and candidates for public office.

Through this initiative, we have a library of nearly 200 weekly updating interactive polling graphics focused on how the Trump administration handles key policy issues.


Coverage on all key issues

Beyond overall approval, our polling graphics show approval of Trump's handling of a range of issues, both foreign and domestic.

Reuters Graphics: Polling on the President media-interactive

The graphics show how different demographic groups responded to the poll, including filters for:  

  • Gender

  • Political party

  • Income level

  • Religious affiliation

  • Education

  • Race

Opportunity to increase audience engagement

Incorporating graphics can help differentiate your brand’s voice while also increasing engagement, particularly on mobile.

Our polling graphics can be viewed at a current week’s snapshot or in a time series format.

Since our polling graphics are interactives, the visualizations will automatically update each week as we continually poll the American public on key issues. This makes polling graphics an ideal mainstay on homepages.

Visit Reuters Connect to access the full library: Polling on the President.

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