Are all news agencies the same?

We scored an impressive win with exclusive live images of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido making a triumphant return to his homeland after flouting a court-imposed travel ban.

By Yann Tessier, global head of output – video news, Reuters

Venezuela (again), and exclusive

We scored an impressive win with exclusive live images of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido making a triumphant return to his homeland after flouting a court-imposed travel ban.

Reuters was the only agency to have live images of Guaido's return through the Caracas airport. We provided a brief live showing Guaido being cheered by supporters and commenting, followed up by a comprehensive edit.

We had a perfectly angled live shot of Guaido arriving for a huge rally from a great vantage position above the crowds which many stations – including in Venezuela – ran with.


Clashes erupt at big anti-Bouteflika protest in Algerian capital

Our coverage in Algeria is proving critical to clients. As opposition grows to a fifth presidential term for Abdelaziz Bouteflika, access to the country is closing off – not least because visas are no longer being granted.

This story is of critical interest to many huge European clients who have limited means of getting material.

So how have we done? A spot check of some European clients reveals that we were alone with skirmishes on Friday, as we were with similar events a week earlier.

Thanks to Abdelaziz ‘Nassim’ Boumzar for his continued hard work. And to Zohra Bensemra, who as an Algerian national was able to return from her day job as Chief Photographer in West Africa. Her video contribution has been highly significant – used by 43 Top 50 channels.

In all, our Algeria cover was used by 759 channels this week.

Ghosn leaves jail. Cost: $9m

Ghosn's bail terms not tough enough, says prosecutor
After paying an eye-watering $9m in bail, former Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn left jail pending his trial in a few months’ time. We ensured an edit landed within minutes of his walking ‘free’ hiding behind a mask and pretending to be a workman.

I will never give up

Five years on, father of Chinese MH370 passenger waits for news of his son

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