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Full Business & Financial News Coverage

Get spot news, value-added analysis, interviews, features and opinion columns covering:

  • Major global and regional exchanges
  • Economic policymakers
  • Stock, fixed income, forex, commodity and money markets
  • The day’s global stock market activity
  • Performance of key commodities, including oil and gold
  • And tens of thousands of companies around the world

Business & Financial Newswires and Multimedia Packages

Our text business news service covers the most important economic, corporate and market news. In addition to breaking news, we offer a unique cross-border and cross-industry perspective that connects the dots making up today’s complex globalized economy.

Our coverage is divided regionally by North America, Europe and Asia, we provide:

  • 350-500 news items per day on weekdays
  • 30-60 news items per day on weekends

Our multimedia ready-to-publish packages offer text, video and pictures, emphasizing events, issues, markets, companies and personalities of interest.

Business and Financial Video Broadcast

Reuters financial broadcast video provides specialized business and finance news footage each week – all natural sound with usable sound bites. Ideal for broadcasters looking for dynamic and comprehensive business-news content, it includes video to support the week’s business stories, such as news conferences, newsmaker interviews, key company profiles, hot stock profiles, consumer finance issues and much more.

Each story comes with a detailed shot list and script so you can edit and voice your own package:

  • Updates delivered throughout the day, generating a total of 50 stories per week
  • Timely, in-depth, high-quality video content
  • Experienced journalists and producers available 24/7 for assistance
  • Coverage diaries and advisories to aid program planning
  • Global reporting infrastructure
  • Natural sound video and usable sound bites, supplemented by easy-to-use scripts and detailed shot lists, shortens turnaround time and provides the context to tell the whole story
  • Dependable 24-hour access from all regions of the world via six dedicated satellite paths and permanent uplinks
Jeroen Dijsselbloem, (L) head of the euro zone finance ministers' group, and Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis
REUTERS/Kostas Tsironis

Business & Financial Online Video

Reuters business online video provides video coverage of the day’s top global financial and business news stories, fully packaged and ready for online or wireless publication.

Our online video service includes the top business stories each day, from equity-market updates and interviews with newsmakers to profiles of hot stocks or the latest on consumer trends, regional market wrap-ups, key company profiles, consumer finance issues, weekly wrap-ups and mutual-fund reports.

We provide:

  • Market updates from around the world, including reports from Asia, Europe and the US
  • Regular interviews with top newsmakers and company executives
  • Special reports on major economic events or announcements
  • A daily look at what’s hitting consumer wallets, from housing prices to fuel costs
  • Delivery of 8 to 10 stories per day, Monday to Friday, with stories generally between 60 and 120 seconds long
  • Flexible delivery – easy and seamless integration into multiple platforms and content-management systems
  • Formatted for customized voice-overs to accompany the natural audio track
  • Full metadata and script
  • Experienced support staff available 24/7 for assistance

Business & Financial Pictures

Reuters provides comprehensive news imagery from every corner of the globe, 24/7. Images of the biggest stories as they break make it a vital editorial resource for the world’s media as well as government and corporate organizations. Our network of more than 600 photographers uses local knowledge and global presence to provide unsurpassed coverage, such as: 

  • Easy-to-search metadata
  • Accurate, timely and unbiased
  • Archive of 13 million pictures
An illustration picture shows a projection of binary code around the shadow of a man holding a laptop computer.

Business & Financial Infographics

We offer a new standard for presenting print-ready business graphics, delivering quality, up-to-date visualizations of key financial news and data. Reuters Financial Infographics combines timely, comprehensive and accurate market data, relevant and insightful company news briefs and market snapshots from Thomson Reuters with tight, crystal-clear visual design.

Delivered at the close of each business day, each infographic is customizable with a choice of size, shape and style. Our service eliminates the need for installing and running graphics software in-house, saving newspapers time and resources.

We provide:

  • Market data includes stocks, fixed income, currencies, commodities and energy, and consumer rates
  • Scheduled delivery of weekday modules
  • Easy and seamless integration into multiple platforms
  • Print ready – available as PDF, EPS and InDesign Tagged Text

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