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Our complete, global sports services include:

  • Breaking sports news, game coverage and statistics from major sporting leagues and events
  • Coverage includes soccer, golf, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, track & field, cricket, rugby, motorsports, and much more
  • Award-winning content partners give you complete global coverage


Sports Newswires & Multimedia Packages

We provide more than 100 unique sports stories per day. Delivered as ready-to-publish or via our newswires, our sports stories provide the world's broadcasters and publishers with:

  • Unparalleled sports coverage
  • 24/7, reliable, rigorously sourced real-time sports news
  • Regional sports news, available in multiple languages
  • Multimedia packages, available in multiple languages

Sports News Video

Both our ready-to-publish and raw video footage covers breaking sports news, press conferences, previews and reactions, major announcements from governing bodies and sports associations, exclusive interviews and select match action. 

Reuters global presence provides:

  • Access to the biggest sporting events and games anywhere in the world. Our partnership with PERFORM delivers coverage from more than 250 rights holders, including the NBA, Bundesliga, MLB, Heineken Cup, tennis Grand Slams, major golf championships and much more
  • Experienced sports journalists and camera operators in our bureaus around the globe cover every aspect of a game
  • All stories are managed by experienced editors guided by renowned Reuters editorial principles
  • Easy-to-use English-language scripts and detailed shot lists minimize broadcast turnaround time
  • Skillfully edited video with high-quality long edits along with readily adaptable raw footage make production easier

Sports News Pictures

The Reuters Sports Pictures Service consists of Reuters, Action Images and USA Today Sports Images photojournalists delivering more than 2,000 sports pictures per day. Our photographers capture all the action from the world’s major sports venues.

The Reuters Sports Pictures Service is a powerful audience-building service providing a constantly updated stream of world-class international sports photography:

  • Three leading photography services delivering pictures 24/7
  • Photographers around the world capture international sporting events with local insights and perspectives
  • Images are available for use within moments of the action

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