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Politics from Around the World

Get the day's political news as it happens:

  • Election coverage of key races globally
  • Analysis of the political impatct from critical economic, business and market developments
  • Diplomatic and social issues
  • Original, long-form enterprise articles

Political Newswires & Multimedia Packages

We provide complete text coverage of political news around the globe and offer ready-to-publish multimedia packages:

  • Value-added features, columns, polls, analysis and interviews
  • News-planning tools provide at-a-glance roundups of top stories
  • Multimedia packages including text, pictures and video coverage

Political News Video

We provide complete global news video coverage for broadcasters and online publications:

  • Ready-to-publish packages
  • Live exclusive reports
  • Broadcast-quality video coverage
  • Raw footage
  • Archived video of key events from the past 100 years
  • Available by region or topic, delivered with English-language narration for instant play and natural sound for local voicing

Political News Pictures

Reuters provides comprehensive news imagery from every corner of the globe, 24/7. Images of the biggest stories as they break make it a vital editorial resource for the world’s media as well as government and corporate organizations. Our network of more than 600 photographers uses local knowledge and global presence to provide unsurpassed coverage, such as:

  • Easy-to-search metadata
  • Accurate, timely and unbiased
  • Archive of more than 13 million pictures

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