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With our dedication to putting the facts first, you can maintain a reputation for being a credible and trusted source of local and international politics coverage. Reporting includes everything from election news and political polls to diplomatic issues and the political impact of critical economic and business developments.

Political News Video

  • Keep your audience up to date with all the latest global political news in an easy-to-follow medium.
  • Ready-to-publish packages for quick turnaround of topical video news
  • Live exclusive reports to produce standout coverage
  • Vast archive of 100 years of international political news
  • Available by region or topic, delivered with English-language narration for instant play and natural sound for local voicing

Political Newswires & Multimedia

We provide complete text coverage of political news around the globe and offer ready-to-publish multimedia packages:

  • Value-added features, columns, polls, analysis and interviews
  • News-planning tools provide at-a-glance roundups of top stories
  • Multimedia packages including text, pictures and video coverage

Political News Pictures

Deliver timely, eye-catching political news coverage using our 600-strong network of expert photographers. With high-quality images as news breaks, and an archive of 13 million of the world’s most iconic news images, it’s a peerless resource for newsrooms everywhere.

  • Easy-to-search metadata
  • Accurate, timely and unbiased
  • Archive of more than 13 million pictures

Our World-Class Media Partners

The dream team of editorial content providers

In addition to Reuters award-winning content, you can also access political coverage from other leading organizations such as BBC News and Africa 24 Media.

Whatever the news agenda, whatever your focus, Reuters political coverage includes rich and compelling content that will captivate your audience.


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