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Tailored Health News Services

Get the latest health news services tailored to meet today's appetite, including:

  • Industry news for health professionals and the latest trends in the popular and fast-evolving health-and-wellness industry
  • Analysis of 200 medical journals and 60+ healthcare verticals, plus 80+ major conferences and symposia
  • Company, product and market news, as well as news on regulatory affairs, drug pipelines, M&A activity, marketing and licensing agreements, drug safety issues, and news from the FDA, CDC, WHO
  • Wellness news, such as: diet, nutrition, exercise, mental health, lifestyle, new treatments, medical studies and alternative health

Health News Pictures

Reuters Health Pictures Service provides constantly updated content:

  • Top health pictures
  • Images filed within minutes of coverage
  • Increased coverage during industry events
  • Access to an archive of more than 7 million pictures

Newswires and Multimedia Packages

Reuters is a leading source of health information, carrying all the major health news of interest for both experts and a consumer audience.

Our content includes:

  • Text with images and metadata
  • 20+ stories per day, updated 24/7
  • Highly topical, prioritized and ready-to-publish content
  • Multimedia packages can include text, pictures, infographics and video

Our World-Class Health Partners

In addition to Reuters award-winning coverage, you can also access the latest health news from other specialist organizations. 

MedPageToday is a trusted and reliable source for clinical and policy coverage that directly affects the lives and practices of health care professionals. 

Ivanhoe Broadcast News is a leading provider of news covering medical breakthroughs, tips on staying healthy, family health and consumer news for women in the U.S. Access video packages that are accompanied by a script and shotlist, suitable for both broadcast and digital publishing.

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