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Are You Red Carpet Ready?

With the awards season in full swing, take your audience behind the scenes with our enhanced 24-hour entertainment news coverage, now including A-list content from Variety, Hollywood TV, WENN, Runway Manhattan, MPTV and Star News. 

Across video, picturestext and graphics, peek into the glitz and glamour of the industry and draw a loyal following of young, influential trend setters by giving them an all-access pass to every entertainment story making the headlines worldwide.

From live events to breaking news and topical reviews, red carpets and premieres, scandals and misfortunes, Reuters is an authoritative source with dependable access to the colorful world of entertainment news.

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Content That Performs for Your Audience

Allow celebrity coverage to drive your viewership

In a world where celebrities' lives are spectator sports and pop-culture fascinated millennials have an insatiable desire for more, get the inside scoop with a package of Reuters content and partner material from Variety, Hollywood TV, Runway Manhattan, WENN, StarNews and MPTV.


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A Showbiz Spectacle

Covering every angle, we offer the premium content you need to attract eyeballs and retain readers – film, television, theater, fashion, arts and music with special coverage during major events including the Grammy Awards, Oscars, Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.
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Generate Rockstar Revenue

Capitalize on premium entertainment content

Lead the competition for clickable content and ad-dollar revenue with up-to-the-second digests of breaking news, behind the scenes video, insider celebrity commentaries, trending and archival topics, exclusive interviews and live events to support your monetization strategy.


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Our World-Class Entertainment Partners

The dream team of editorial content providers

In addition to Reuters award-winning coverage, you can now access entertainment content from leading organizations around the world.

Our team of Hollywood TV, Runway Manhattan, Variety, WENN, Wibbitz, mptv, and StarNews allow you to source captivating videos, photos, and text straight from the red-carpet to the catwalk.

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Use Our Award-Winning Platform

Enhance your storytelling with Reuters Connect

Awarded 'Best Use of Technology, 2018' by Digiday, and 'International Digital Innovation of the Year, 2018' by Newsawards, Reuters Connect is transforming how publishers source their content and spend their budget. 

A quarterly points allocation will allow you to spend only on the multimedia content you use, giving a flexible and cost effective way to tell richer entertainment stories.

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