Chalermpon Punnotok, CEO of CT Asia Robotics gives a hand to a robot during an interview with Reuters in Bangkok, Thailand July 5, 2016. Picture taken July 5, 2016.

Reuters for AI

Smart news data for smarter training

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Upgrade Your Artificial Intelligence

Acquiring data for AI is an all-important decision. Reuters makes this straightforward with over 30 years of intelligently categorized news data, providing unparalleled depth to fuel your project.

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Essential Training Data

The quality of artificial intelligence relies upon robust, versatile training data. 
For over 160 years, Reuters has built a legacy as a trusted source of accurate, bias-free information, and the quality of our news data reflects this. 
With sophisticated metadata found in over 45 million pieces of fully-licensable news content, Reuters material is an indispensable source of training data, whatever your project. 
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Why is Reuters News Data Different?

Our news data is professionally produced and fully-licensed, allowing you to reach insights with greater speed and effectiveness:
  • Rights: Reuters has the proprietary rights to our data corpus and visual assets
  • Trust & Accuracy: Over 2000 media companies rely on Reuters news to make editorial and business decisions every day. Guided by Reuters Trust principles, our news preserves integrity, independence and freedom from bias
  • Diversity: Broad coverage of major topics from over 200 global locations and 16 languages, including business, finance, politics, sports, entertainment, technology, and much more
  • Metadata: Our advanced metadata contains regional and category-specific codes, allowing for intelligent grouping
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Broad Functionality

With the demand for training material comes the need for extensible, future-proof data. Leveraging our newswires, images and video services, Reuters enhances your artificial intelligence by tailoring to key training functions.

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Unmatched Diversity of Content

As the world's largest news agency, Reuters continuously produces substantial multimedia content, enabling you to thoroughly test and build your AI. 
Our large body of trusted news data continues to grow on a daily basis: 
  • 200 transcripted videos added per day
  • Over 1,500 images with intelligent metadata added per day
  • 2.2 million translated text articles added every year
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Train Smarter

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